e-Compliance and Analytics Streamlined

Deployed by over 200 freight and passenger rail, industrial switching, port, barge and railcar repair operations

Crew Management - NEW!
  • Status Dashboard – work/rest, certification, territory qualification, monthly 276 hour, consecutive days
  • Manager Alerts – over limit tours, approaching consecutive day limit, approaching 276 hours
  • Targeted Employee Communications – Bulletins, Notices, Train Orders
  • Crew Scheduling
  • Manage Relief Crews
  • Easily add Extra Jobs
  • Mobile Responsive for Tablet and Phone Use
Track Inspection - NEW!
  • Inspection Due Status Dashboard
  • Track subsection inspection
  • User Configured Asset Groups (“Playbooks”)
  • Mobile App
Efficiency Testing / Qualification Management
  • Easily Document Efficiency Testing
  • Manage Requirements-based Qualifications / Certifications
  • Mobile App with Off-Line Test/Audit Entry
  • Robust Reporting and Alerts Management Functionality
  • Advanced Analytics and Rich, Graphical KPI Dashboards
  • Integrated Learning Management System (LMS) Auto-Completes Employee Requirements
  • Highly Configurable Regulatory Compliance Model
Electronic Hours of Service (HOS) Recordkeeping
  • Freight and Passenger Railroads – All Covered Service Crafts
  • Work/Rest Status Dashboard
  • Mobile Responsive for Tablet and Phone Use
  • Crew Management Functionality
  • Targeted Employee Communications – Bulletins, Notices, Train Orders
  • Payroll Data Capture, Approval and Export
  • Fully 49 CFR Part 228 Compliant
Crossing, Signal and PTC Configuration Management
  • Crossing and Signal Inspection Management
  • Asset Inspection Status Dashboard
  • PTC/Configuration Management
  • Robust Reporting and Alert Management Functionality
  • Dynamic Inspection Scheduling Model
  • FRA Approved Electronic Recordkeeping System Since 2014
Locomotive & MOW Equipment Management
  • Quick Documentation of Required Interval Servicing and Repairs
  • Asset Management Status Dashboard
  • Automated Blue Card Generation (49 CFR Part 229.23)
  • Asset Configuration, Fleet Detail and Inspection Summary Reports
  • Integrated Locomotive Trouble Alerts
Grade Crossing Incident and Track Defect Management
  • Manage Incident Calls to Resolution / Certification
  • Incident / Defect Status Management Dashboard
  • Robust Reporting and Alerts Management Functionality
  • Electronically Certified Credible Caller Reports Per RSIA 2008
  • Integrates with AssetPro Signal
Compliance Reporting
  • Form-Driven Capture of Accident / Incident Detail
  • Incident Management Dashboard
  • Automated Selection of FRA Forms
  • Corrective Action Item Assignment / Status
  • Secure Electronic Forms Filing
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  • All Applications Supported by Our Acclaimed Support Specialists
  • Quick Response Times
  • Knowledgeable Staff
  • Custom Solutions
  • Our Products Are Developed and Supported at Our US-based Locations (Made in the USA )

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