SafeTrack HOS & PHOS

49 CFR Part 228 • Management Dashboard • Territory Qualification Management • Payroll • Employee Communications

SafeTrack HOS is widely accepted as the only third-party Hours of Service solution to encompass all crafts and the complete range of use cases for both freight and passenger operations. Territory qualifications, seniority, certification status and extra board management assist dispatchers with crew management functions. The system also manages critical Type 1 and Type 2 tour information.

Drive payroll through the interface by capturing a wide range of details about employee’s shift activities, job IDs, mileage, equipment and related information. Deliver Bulletins, Orders and Notices to employees.

All Crafts

Captures Freight and Passenger hours of service records for all covered service crafts - T&E, Signal, Dispatch, Mechanical

Eliminate Errors

All tour record forms are error checked to ensure all fields are complete with valid entries

Tour Status Dashboard

Quickly view employee status and receive email notifications when employees approach or pass threshold limits

Crew Management

Dashboard providing extra board views, best rested status, territory qualifications and other required information to inform crew callers

FRA compliant, error checked tour records certified

Communicate with Employees

Targeted delivery of bulletins, notices and train orders at employee login with acknowledgement report

Payroll Enabled

User arbitrary claims at tie-up with supervisor approval loop and export file compatible with major payroll processors

49 CFR Part 228 Compliant

SafeTrack HOS has been developed with direct FRA feedback and is 100% compliant with all Part 228 requirements for electronic record keeping systems

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