About Us

Pete Sutcliffe
Founder, Managing Partner

Peter Sutcliffe is a thirty year rail industry veteran and fourth generation railroad supplier.  As a co-founder of MaxAccel in 2004, he has led the company in its growth and primarily manages the business development and commercial aspects of the business.  He is active with the American Shortline and Regional Railroad Association, American Public Transportation Association and American Association of Railroad Superintendents.  Prior to MaxAccel, he was President of Gateway Resource Group and Vice President of Sales for IRECO.  He has an MBA from the University of Colorado, Boulder and a BA in Communications from Northern Michigan University.

Matt Rutherford, PhD
Founder, Managing Partner

Matt Rutherford is a seasoned software architect and developer having designed and delivered solutions for the Transportation industry since 2000, and worked as a professional software engineer since 1996. Matt designed and implemented the MaxAccel SaaS framework and the first version of our products in the early years of the company. These days, Matt leads the engineering team that is constantly improving and evolving our products. Matt has a PhD in Computer Science from University of Colorado, Boulder and a BS from Princeton University.

MaxAccel – Market Leading Solutions

We have developed one of the most innovative and comprehensive suites of EAM and compliance management software available today. Our executive team has extensive experience developing and delivering engineered solutions to equipment and safety intensive industries. The MaxAccel suite of products provides practical tools for businesses challenged with management of large capital equipment investments and safety critical operations. Our systems are primarily used today in the rail industry, but can be easily configured to track training, testing and maintenance of fixed, rolling or human assets in any industrial environment.

The MaxAccel Product Suite includes:
• SafeTrack ™ – The leading solution for electronically tracking personnel testing and training, certification/qualification management and driver/operator performance evaluations.
• SafeTrack HOS ™ – Shares the SafeTrack database of employees and provides a streamlined interface for accurately capturing daily hours of service tours and visibility to supervisors regarding each employee’s tour history and current rest/work status.
• SafeTrack Compliance Reporting ™ – Streamline FRA Part 225 reporting requirements and capture actionable information regarding accidents, incidents and related FTA/SSP audits.
• AssetPro Locomotive ™ – AssetPro Locomotive is built on our proprietary AssetPro software platform and manages, documents and archives inspection and repairs for locomotives and heavy equipment.
• AssetPro Signal ™ – FRA approved in 2010, AssetPro Signal manages, documents and archives inspection and repairs in accordance with 49 CFR Part 234 and 236.
• AssetPro Signal Trouble Ticket ™ – Functions with the AssetPro Signal asset database, or as a stand-alone tool to track and record, to resolution, reported asset defects and daily operational issues.